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We Want Your Exotics

Don’t let your exotics depreciate, put them to good use and leverage the additional income to buy your next toy. Corsa HQ rents out your exotic and gives you monthly payments in return. Get your super car paid for while you use it when it’s not rented out. 

Sending us Your Exotic Cars is Simple

Book Appt Online, by Phone, or In Person


We Give You a Monthly Flat Fee or % of Rental


Send us your Vehicle & We Rent it out for you.

Enjoy Your Vehicle When it's not Rented


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why send your exotic cars to corsa hq?

Corsa HQ is the best way to make money from your passion. Lots of car owners want to have multiple exotics, some can’t afford it and others don’t have room to keep their exotics at home. Think of Corsa HQ as your garage, only through Corsa, you can get your exotics paid for and even profit every month.

We have different business models depending on the car’s specs and availbility, so we are sure to make sure you come out ahead every month using our program

You can send us your vehicles and take them back whenever they are not rented. We give you back the car in the exact condition you gave it to us in, cleaned, shined, buffed and washed

Join many of the other exotic car owners who are a part of the Corsa HQ Rental Program.

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Rent the car of your dreams. Hourly, Daily, Photoshoot, or for a music video. Whatever the need, Corsa HQ is the right choice.